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Steve J.

"...if you are in the area and need PT…PEAK PERFORMANCE is the BEST. If you want to get as close as possible to the level of living you should have at the age group you are in then I don’t know any other alternative. You have to do the work, but as I said before, they are there for the entire journey.

Albert Z.

I’m 45 and broke my hip from a roof fall. I’ve only gone to pt 5 times and feeling so much better already. The staff are a great bunch of people and I’m sure I’ll be good as new before their done with me. Thanks guys and girls.

Debbie S.

I have improved so much since starting PT at Peak Performance.
Many many thanks to Bryan and his team of PTA’s, Lyle, Maggie, Drew and Nicole for their knowledge and professionalism.
Also a BIG thank you to Bryan for opening a facility of this caliber in this tiny berg. It certainly saves those of us in Tioga County the drive to the Triple Cities.
Having the extra of the gym facility is wonderful, especially for those folks whose insurance will not cover prolonged physical therapy.

Tom G.

I came to Peak Performance with a work related knee injury. My first visit with AJ was nothing short of impressive. We talked about my injury and the goal of physical therapy. Today, my visits were up and I have to say those goals were reached. Although my injury will never heal, even with surgery, I have a great deal more strength which will help me deal with any discomfort. Thank You AJ and Nicole for working with me! You ALL are the best!

Marilyn M.

Have been a client of Bryan’s and the other PTs for many years. Have always found them to be exceptionally competent and always with a touch of humor. Would never go anyplace else!!

Mike E.

Jake Reynolds was my trainer while I was at OFA. I played basketball and needed functional training to become a better player. Jake helped me get faster, stronger, more mobile, and gain better endurance. His training helped me become a much better athlete, and his commitment to and knowledge of fitness inspired me to become a personal trainer 5 years later. He’s a valuable asset to a reputable body of fitness and health professionals, and I am very grateful for everything he’s done for me. His services are worth every penny.

Deborah R.

"I would like to thank the whole staff for excellent PT and an enjoyable experience. They made me stronger in my shoulder area and helped decrease the pain considerably. I will continue to always come here for any PT needed in the future! Thanks everyone!"

Carole S.

"I have been a client of Peak Performance for ten years for multiple injuries and surgical rehabilitation. Body parts treated were: Feet, Knees, Back, Shoulders…. because of skiing injury, occupational abuse, and the ravages of time.

Staff is friendly, professional and competent; I trust their knowledge and advice. The camaraderie and cheerful atmosphere are motivational when feeling pain."
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